Best Alternative For Disposable Wedding Cameras Under $100

By Harlan | Gift Ideas, Wedding Tech
26 May 2011

We’ve talked about alternatives to disposable wedding cameras before. But here’s a real digital alternative you can employ in your wedding and reception that is truly affordable. Right now, Amazon has a great deal on a 10 megapixel Canon Powershot A495 camera for only $69. The thing that makes this an even better deal is that a 4GB SD card and Lowepro camera case is included for FREE! And to top if off, this camera qualifies for free shipping also.

Canon Powershot Free Accessories

A realistic plan for couples would be to add 2 or 3 of these cameras to your wedding budget. Instead of buying a handful of disposable film cameras, you could have 3 of these for only $207 which certainly won’t break your wedding budget. Then hand them out to a few friends to snap pictures throughout your event. This idea would probably be lower than the cost of 10+ disposable cameras and film processing. Plus you’d have more high quality pictures that are instantly available for upload to your favorite online photo sharing site.

Great For Your Wedding Slideshow

These digital images would work great in a wedding slideshow created with Animoto. If you haven’t seen the great slideshows you can make, visit our main page to see some great examples. And don’t forget to watch our Getting Started with Animoto tutorial video so you can see first hand how easy it is to do.

The Canon Powershot A495 camera deal with free 4GB SD card and Lowepro camera case is available only at Amazon and valid through June 30, 2011.

Additional Special Offer

Also, for a limited time, Amazon will include a mini-tripod with that offer. We didn’t see an expiration date for the tripod offer so if you want that included, see the special offer in the middle of the Canon Powershot A495 product page. The A495 uses AA batteries so you won’t have to charge batteries before use. Easily keep spares in case you run out of power but that is unlikely.

Camera: Canon Powershot A495 10 megapixel Digital Camera

Price: $69.00 with Free 4GB SD card and Lowepro camera case

Special Offer: Free mini tripod (see special offer at Amazon)

Shipping: Free

Available Colors: Blue, Silver and Red

Canon Powershot A495

So take our advice and start using digital cameras in your wedding instead of using disposable cameras. When you start with digital images, everything is easier from sharing on Facebook to sharing through emails. No need to scan your photo prints or negatives!

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