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By Harlan | Animoto Tutorials, Slideshow Tutorials, Wedding Tech
27 Jun 2011

If you’re reading this, you’re probably researching ways to make your own DIY photo slideshow. Maybe it’s for your wedding, an anniversary, birthday, graduation or other type of event? Well, it may come as a surprise to you that the best slideshow software out there really isn’t necessarily a piece of software at all! It comes from a website called Animoto. An awesome online service that takes your photos and video clips and puts them together in a spectacular slideshow video. I know what I just said pretty much describes what most slideshow software applications can do but you really have to experience an Animoto video to appreciate how cool your slideshow can be!

Animoto Slideshows

There are quite a few standalone programs that can make slideshows for you. Just do a search for ‘slideshow software’ and you’ll find that the prices and features vary widely. If you’ve already done your research and haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, then you should definitely consider Animoto.

Animoto Slideshows

What Does Animoto Offer?

With Animoto, you get a dynamic looking slideshow that isn’t boring! Also, it’s synchronized to music so the pacing of your slideshow matches the tempo of your music track. You can add your own music or use Animoto’s large collection of licensed music that is ready to use in your slideshow. There is alot you can do with Animoto and it’s best to see it in action for yourself. Click on a video in the sidebar.

Its $30 a year for the Plus Account which allows you to create an unlimited number of full-length slideshows. I believe it is far superior to any of the slideshow software packages being offered today. Plus, you can use your photos directly from Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug and other online photo sharing sites in Animoto which makes it really convenient. Sharing your Animoto slideshow on sites like Facebook is easy too!

Animoto Slideshows

You Can Use Animoto For Free!

And here’s a great freebie they offer, you can try out Animoto for free for as long as you want! Just sign up for the Lite Account and you can create an unlimited number of free slideshows to get a feel for how it works. Check out all their themes that add a professional look for your slideshow. Here’s just a small list of uses for Animoto:

  • Wedding slideshow
  • Retirement slideshow
  • Vacation slideshow
  • Day trip slideshow
  • Everyday slideshow
  • Baby slideshow
  • Trade show slideshow
  • Digital signage
  • Sports event slideshow
  • Photo gallery
  • Recap video
  • Online videos
  • Conventions
  • Etc

There is no need to install any software to use Animoto, you can simply create your slideshow right from your web browser on a Mac or PC. Take a look at our Animoto tutorial for a complete walkthrough of their service. The process to create a slideshow with Animoto goes a lot faster than how I explained in the video because I had to go through all the menus for demonstration purposes.

I highly encourage you to sign up for the Animoto free account and try it for yourself. That way, you can experience exacty how it works before you buy any slideshow software. Good luck in creating your photo slideshow!

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