Can Video Clips Be Added To A Wedding Slideshow?

By Harlan | How To, Wedding Video Tips, Wedding Videos
30 Mar 2011

When planning your wedding slideshow, you might be asking yourself, “Can I add video clips to my photo slideshow?” The answer is yes depending on who is making the slideshow or the software that you or the video production company is using. You can add one clip or you can add many. But it’s probably best to not go overboard with the video clips. While they may be interesting to you, they can change the pace of your video slideshow and sometimes not with the desired results. One suggestion when using video clips in a wedding slideshow is to mute the audio on the video clip because it’ll break the flow of your music track.

Additional Costs Can Add Up

Wedding video companies can add video to your slideshow easily from formats like VHS, DVD, mini-DV and even digital files like AVI, MPEG or Quicktime. However, depending on the company, they’ll most likely charge an extra fee for digitizing your video clips. When you consider the initial cost of the slideshow video, adding video clips can slowly drive up the cost. So that’s something to definitely ask about.

How To Add Video To Your Slideshow

Some software applications only allow you to add digital photos but we highly recommend an online service called Animoto. Their main service is to help its users create amazing video slideshows easily from your photos and video clips. It’s super easy to use and you have the option of downloading your slideshow to be burned to a DVD or sharing it online with easy to use links.

The cost is only $30 for the Animoto Plus plan which gives you an entire year to create photo slideshows with their service! You can create as many as you like! If you want to switch out photos or rearrange them, Animoto makes it easy to do! Remember we were talking about video clips? You can add those too! Simply upload your video clips and incorporate them into your slideshow. You can also add text captions to help tell your story. I’ve seen video production companies charge extra just to add text to their video slideshows. With Animoto, that’s all included.

If you want to see how it works, you can use Animoto completely free. Just sign up for a free account and you have full use of their site and even make a few videos. I think that after you’ve seen how easy it is to use and the quality you get from them, you probably won’t hire someone else to make your wedding slideshow!

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