Can Your Wedding Photographer Shoot Your Wedding Video

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11 Mar 2011

It is entirely possible that your wedding photographer can also be your wedding videographer these days. In fact, a lot of wedding videographers shoot with the same DSLR cameras that your photographer would use. That’s because DSLR cameras can now shoot high quality HD video and it’s actually the preferred camera for video producers because of the control they can have by using a variety of lenses.

Should I Ask My Photographer To Shoot My Wedding Video?

Here’s a question you might be pondering: If my photographer just happens to use the newer breed of DSLR camera for photos, wouldn’t it make sense to have him shoot my wedding video also? After all, he or she will already be at the wedding venue.

Wedding Photographer

The answer is no. While they may be skilled at taking beautiful photos, he or she won’t necessarily have the experience to shoot a proper video for you. The accessories that a photographer uses is different than what a videographer would use. An example would be that a photographer doesn’t have to deal with audio when taking a photo. And will he or she know how to edit the video in a way that flows properly?

Best Use Of Your Photographer’s Time

Your photographer’s main job is to capture stunning photos for you on your wedding day so I don’t recommend having your photographer do double duty taking pictures and shooting your wedding video. However, if your photographer happens to be taking pictures with a DSLR camera that can capture HD video, I think it’s totally acceptable to ask them if they could shoot some candid video footage in between snaps. That’s the beauty of shooting with a newer DSLR camera.

Ask your photographer what model of camera(s) they use. And if they happen to use one of the models on the following list, you’ll know they can shoot additional video for you. Click on the links if you want to be more familiar with the cameras before you talk to your photographer.

This is not a complete list but they are some of the more popular cameras photographers use.

Additional Uses For Video Clips From Your Photographer

The video clips that your photographer captures can be incorporated into your wedding video. You’ll just have to make arrangements between your photographer and videographer on how they’re going to transfer the footage to each other.

And of course, the photos and video from your photographer can be turned into a wedding slideshow with Animoto. You can do this yourself easily!

Sign up for a free account at Animoto and create as many slideshows as you like. When you’re ready to make full-length wedding slideshows with your photos and video clips, Animoto’s Plus Plan will give you the ability to create unlimited full-length slideshows for one year! The Animoto Plus Plan is only $30 for a year. The value you get from the one year plan is that you can create wedding slideshows from when you make your wedding announcement to an engagement video and of course your wedding slideshow all for only $30!

You can even do a slideshow of your honeymoon and a thank you slideshow. There are lots of possibilities with the Animoto Plus Plan.

Click here to make a free slideshow now or to just test it out! I think you’ll agree that it is super simple to use.

Need more information? Learn more at our Wedding Slideshow Ideas Animoto page and see examples of what you can do!

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