Create A Wedding Slideshow With Your Digital Camera

By Harlan | How To, Slideshow Tutorials
3 Dec 2010

Did you know that you can create a slideshow that can be shown on an HDTV or projector straight from your digital camera? It’s easier than you think!

The first step is to copy only the photos you want on the camera’s memory card. Of course, you’ll have to delete the contents of your card or use another blank memory card. This can be done by using a card reader connected to your computer. Insert your memory card into the reader. From there, simply drag the photos you want onto the memory card.

Next, consult the manual for your digital camera on how to access the slideshow function. You can usually access it in the photo playback function. A lot of the newer cameras feature fancy transitions to make your slideshow more interesting. They’ve actually come a long way!

Now you’ll have to connect your camera to an HDTV or projector. This can be done easily with the supplied audio/video cable included with your digital camera. However, if you have newer digital camera, the best connection I recommend is using the HDMI output of the digital camera connected to an HDTV set or a digital projector that has HDMI input. This ensures the cleanest image output from your camera. Unfortunately, newer digital cameras have a mini-HDMI port and you’ll need a special cable to make the connection. The HDMI cable that connects your Blu-ray player to your HDTV at home won’t work because both ends have full size HDMI connectors. But never worry! Mini-HDMI cables can be found cheap on the internet.

One last thing… make sure your camera has a fully charged battery. I can’t believe how many times I’ve thought my battery had enough power only to have the battery die shorty after I start using it.

Some cameras have fancier slideshow transitions to make the the presentation more interesting. Others simply switch from picture to picture with no transition.

Displaying a slideshow from your digital camera works extremely well. The only thing you won’t have is audio. So if you’ve picked your favorite wedding slideshow song, you won’t be able to have it play back from the camera. If you’re doing a slideshow with this method, pre-plan and have your DJ play music during the slideshow.

Oh, and make sure the person who is running the slideshow from your camera actually knows how to operate your camera! So give them your manual or give them a crash course on how to use your digital camera before the big day!

Needless to say, this is the really cheap route for playing a slideshow at your wedding but if your camera has decent slideshow features, this may be all you need! I’ve seen some that are quite good and will do the job very nicely. So next time you pick up your camera, look at the slideshow function and see what it has to offer!

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