DIY Wedding Slideshow Ideas

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9 Aug 2011

If you’re like most couples, you want to stay on budget with your wedding.  Today, we want to show you another example of a do-it-yourself wedding slideshow. Making a wedding slideshow yourself can save you a significant amount of money and it can be fun to do.

In the following slideshow, you can see the great quality and dynamic results you can get by doing it yourself.

We know the challenges of making a slideshow like the one above but don’t worry, we know you have the skills to do it! Really! Simply go to Animoto… (the only slideshow service we believe you should use) and try it out. Animoto allows you to make as many free 30 second slideshows as you’d like. You have the ablility to test it out completely with Animoto Lite. The Lite version is exactly like the Plus version except you’re limited to 30 seconds.

Quickstart Wedding Slideshow Creator

If you like what Animoto can do with your photos, then definitely sign up for Animoto Plus. It’s only $30 a year and costs a lot less than hiring a video editor. Then make slideshows to your heart’s content throughout the year!

If a slideshow is in your reception or after wedding plans, we highly recommend Animoto because of the speed, simplicity and quality you get from their service. Want to see more examples? Click here!

For more information about wedding slideshows, please download our free Wedding Slideshow Planner in the sidebar on the right. It’s a complete guide that explains all aspects of creating a wedding slideshow and helps answer questions you might have!

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