Don’t Upload Wedding Photos On Your Honeymoon

By Harlan | Photo Help
22 Oct 2010

The wedding is over and you have a ton of photos you want to share with everyone online immediately. However, you’re on your way to an exotic destination and the last thing you want is more wedding related tasks during your honeymoon. This is your time to relax and enjoy your time together before you get back to reality again!

Here’s a list of people we’ve put together that can help you get your wedding images online for immediate sharing. Keep in mind that these individuals are going to need access to the images you want to share. This includes professional photos and candid shots from guests.

  • Your Wedding Photographer – This is the obvious person that comes to mind to get your photos online. After all, your photographer’s job is to capture great images. He or she probably has experience with this but there may be a fee attached for them to do it. The photographer may have their own website where they post recent photos.


  • Your Wedding Planner – Your wedding planner may be able to do this for you. You’ll have to ask. They may be too busy depending on their schedule. If your wedding planner can upload your photos for you, they will most likely charge a fee for their services. I don’t need to tell you that anything wedding expenses can go overbudget fast!


  • Best Man – Have your Best Man gather images from your point-and-shoot photographers for a fun filled evening of uploading to popular sites like Flickr, Kodak, Animoto, SmugMug, Snapfish and others.


  • Maid of Honor – Like the Best Man, the Maid of Honor can help select images and upload your once-in-a-lifetime photos. Personal blogs or websites would be great places to share your photos.


  • Trusted Friend – You can assign this task to a good friend. Needless to say, make sure you trust them since you’ll have to give them your username and password when uploading to your account at one of the websites mentioned above.


  • Family Member – It is sometimes easier to ask a family member to help with certain favors. This would be no exception! Family members may take more candid photos than guests who aren’t part of the family.


Of course you should have a plan in place for the individual who will upload your photos. Things to keep in mind are:

  • Who is taking the photos?
  • Where to get access to the photos?
  • What site do you want the photos uploaded to?
  • Do you trust them with your username and password?
  • Will they need a memory card reader?
  • Do they have an email list of recipients?

These are just some of our suggestions on how you can start sharing your wedding day memories immediately with others. People will be surprised at how fast your photos are available for viewing online… all thanks to a little pre-planning. If you have other suggestions, please let us know! We love your comments!

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