Great Low Light Cameras For Weddings And Events

By Harlan | Photo Help, Wedding Tech
25 Jan 2011

Have you ever taken a blurry picture at a wedding or event? Chances are that you have. I know I’ve had my share of bad pictures taken in dark rooms.┬áMost weddings are in the evening and the lighting is usually dim. Sometimes the only illumination comes from candle light. While the low light at these events create a fantastic mood, it is not an environment for taking good photos.

Today, I’ve compiled a short list of digital cameras that are excellent in low light situations.┬áThe cameras on this list improve the ability to capture great shots in dim lighting but will not necessarily guarantee that every picture will expose correctly. But by using one of these cameras, you’ll greatly improve the number of good photos that you can later use in your wedding slideshow or photo sharing site.

Canon Powershot SD4000 IS

All these cameras are compact point-and-shoot cameras and they are listed in price from lowest to highest. Amazon seems to have some good prices for these low-light cameras.

Canon Powershot SX130 $198 with free shipping from Amazon

Sony Cyber Shot DSC-TX7 $234

Canon Powershot SD4000 $239

Canon Powershot SD4500 $299 with free shipping from Amazon

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 $399 with free shipping from Amazon

Canon Powershot G12 $439 with free shipping from Amazon

Canon Powershot S95 $449

If you’re in the market for a good low light camera for an upcoming event, any of those listed above should do an adequate job.

As always, we like to hear from you. If you have any stories of horrible pictures taken in low light situations, please share it with us and let us know if you found a solution for it!

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