The Hunger Games Themed Wedding Video

By Harlan | OMG!, Wedding Videos
13 Apr 2012

You’ve heard of Star Wars weddings and Disney weddings, now get ready for The Hunger Games wedding! No this wasn’t a real wedding but creative way for photographer Carmen Santorelli of Carmen Santorelli Photography to show off some of her photography skills and to generate some buzz for her business. A lot of work went into this photo and video shoot. There were many details included in Carmen’s work including a Mockingjay pin on the cake! Does this make you want a themed wedding? The amazing looking video was produced by DMO Films.

There have been fun comments from fans of the Hunger Games wedding shoot:

If ever I have to do a Hunger Games themed wedding, there would be no food except for a small piece of burnt bread per person. – Lou

I guess the twist here is that the wedding guests have to fight to the death and the last person gets a piece of cake? – James

I guess they’ll eat the berries unless someone speaks when the preacher says “speak now or forever hold your peace” – Abeja

With this summer’s blockbuster films coming out… who knows, there may be an Avengers themed wedding! What are some of the themed weddings you’ve seen or heard about? Let us know in the comment section below!


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