Upload Photos To Flickr With A Cell Phone

By Harlan | Photo Help, Wedding Tech
3 Nov 2010

Here is a high tech idea for getting those great candid photos of your wedding day from your guests without the use of disposable cameras… AND, it takes very little work from you! If you use Flickr to store and share your photos, we have a great option for you to consider because your wedding photographer won’t be able to capture every moment on your wedding day. After all, isn’t that why wedding couples originally put disposable cameras on guest tables?

Cell phone email upload to Flickr

It is safe to assume that a majority of your guests will have email enabled cell phones. So why not have them take photos for you? They’re going to do it anyways so get them to help out!

Get Everything Set Up Ahead Of Time

You’ll first need a Flickr account and a secret Flickr upload email address. Register for a free account at Flickr if you’re not signed up with them yet. Then go to the Flickr Upload By Email page to find your Flickr email upload address. This is the email address you’ll give to your guests so they can upload from their phones. They take pictures with their phone and then send an email to the Flickr address. That’s it! You’ll have an instant photo gallery of your wedding… while having your guests most of the work! A little sneaky, eh?

Flickr upload by email

Some interesting things about uploading to Flickr via cell phone/email:

  1. The subject line will become the title of the photo
  2. The message will become the description
  3. To tag photos, hit return after your message, type “tags:” then continue to add tags with a space separating each tag
  4. You can only upload one photo at a time with a cell phone

How Do I Get My Flickr Email Address To My Guests?

One way to let you guests know to upload photos to your Flickr account is to simply place custom business cards on each table printed with the email address and explaining what you want your guests to help accomplish. An example card could look like this:

Flickr upload by email card example

This is just one idea, but if you have a creative way to have guests deliver digital photos to you, please share with our readers and help them out by leaving a comment below!

On a side note, once your photos are on Flickr, you can easily use them at Animoto to create a free photo slideshow. Animoto and Flickr work seamlessly together! It’s worth trying out!

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