Using A Digital Photo Frame At Your Reception Table

By Harlan | How To, Slideshow Tutorials, Wedding Tech
9 Dec 2010

If you don’t need a big fancy wedding slideshow to play at your reception, consider placing a digital photo frame at your reception table where guests sign in. Digital photo frames are relatively inexpensive, can add a bit of sophistication and create a great first impression when guests arrive at your wedding.

Digital photo frames come in a variety of sizes but at your wedding, a larger size would work better. 7 inch to 9 inch are great sizes but they go up to 14 inches which allow viewers to easily see your pictures.

Digital Photo Frame Features

  • Built-in Memory or Removable Memory – Some digital photo frames contain internal memory to store photos, others only use memory cards like SD cards while others have both


  • Sound and Video Playback – Some digitla photo frames allow you to play MP3 music files while displaying photos. This can be useful if you want a little background music while guests are arriving


  • Resolution – In general, the higher the resolution, the crisper your photos will look


  • Touchscreen Capability – Some digital photo frames have touch screen controls which make operation of the photo frame easier


  • Style and Appearance – Digital photo frames come in a variety of styles and finishes like wood frames, thick frames, black sleek frames, etc. Some even allow you to change the matte that surrounds the screen


  • Number of Screens – Although rare, some digital photo frames contain more than one screen. These frames usually have one larger screen and at least one or two smaller screens. Obviously, multiple screens means higher cost


  • Bluetooth or WiFi – Some digital photo frames allow you to load pictures via wireless methods like Bluetooth or WiFi. This makes changing out photos a snap without having to move the frame near your computer to add photos.


Getting images to your digital photo frame is a snap with a computer and a USB cable… or in some cases, using a wireless connection. The number of photos it can hold depends on the memory capacity of the photo frame or memory card you’re using.

One more tip. Instead of just displaying photos on your photo frame, you can create message “slides” that are intermittently placed between photos. These messages can be created with photo editing software like Photoshop and others. If you’re planning on incorporating a digital photo frame at your wedding or have seen them used at weddings you’ve attended, we’d love to hear about it and your thoughts on it by leaving a comment below!

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