What Is A Boutique Wedding Video?

By Harlan | Wedding Video Tips
25 Jan 2011

You’ve all heard of wedding videos. In fact, you’re probably already planning on having one made for your wedding day. But what is a Boutique Wedding Video? Quite simply, it’s a fancy term for wedding videos but there are slight distinctions between just a wedding video and a Boutique Wedding Video.

Here are a few things that make Boutique Wedding Videos unique:

  • Generally More Expensive
  • Shot With More Than One Camera
  • Cinematic Look And Feel
  • More Time To Create

I’ll go through each one and elaborate so you can make the your decision on whether or not to choose a wedding videographer that specializes in Boutique Wedding Videos.

Generally More Expensive

As the term suggests, ’boutique’ refers to a specialialty store and often comes with a premium price. Boutique Wedding Videos are more expensive to produce because there is usually more planning before it is shot. The producer will likely want to visit your wedding venue and figure out when and where things are going to happen so they will be able to capture the most important moments. The producer will also want to know what other events you’ll want to capture so they can be prepared to always be a step ahead of you. And sometimes that means additional crew or equipment that they’ll have to plan to bring with them.

Shot With More Than One Camera

To capture a wedding properly, more than one camera will need to be used. A company that specializes in Boutique Wedding Videos will definitely use more than one camera to capture your wedding. One of the biggest trends with wedding producers is using DSLR cameras (sometimes known as HDSLR) to shoot weddings. They’re the same cameras professional photographers use to capture photos are now used to shoot video. The reason why this is so popular is that by using photographic lenses on these cameras, videographers are able to get nice depth of field shots which leads to the next topic.

A Cinematic Look And Feel

Wedding videographers are getting competitive these days and the ones that stand out are the ones that produce high quality wedding videos. If you choose a company that specializes in Boutique Wedding Videos, they’ll more likely produce a final product that has a cinematic look to it, almost like a movie.

In order to get this look, your videographer will need a high quality video camera or HDLSR with a variety of lenses. The use of photographic lenses allows for shots with good depth of field. That means that the subject is in focus and the background is out of focus… much like you’d see in theatrical films.

More Time To Create

After the videographer has captured all the great footage from your wedding, his or her job is far from being done. Even more so with a Boutique Wedding Video because with these specialized videos, your producer won’t just be dropping the video clips into his editing program and using them as is. To get the polished look which you’re paying the premium for, your producer is going to do some color grading to the video to really get the colors and contrast to stand out on your wedding video. It’s the same thing they do in feature films. Production companies never use their footage right out of their cameras. Lots of time is spent making sure the colors are correct in the footage.

When that’s done, music is added and then it’s up to the skills of your video producer to create a truly special wedding video with quality standards of films. If you’ve never seen a Boutique Wedding Video, please watch the following example.

Karim + Christina // A Manteo Resort Wedding from Limelight Studios on Vimeo.


Boutique Wedding Videos are not for everyone. They come with a much larger price tag. And depending on your wedding budget, they may not even be a consideration. A standard wedding video is a great way to capture and create memories of your big day, but if you are able to afford a Boutique Wedding Video, you’ll be rewarded with a high quality keepsake that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Please let us know your thoughts on Boutique Wedding Videos and whether you think it’s worth paying extra for a higher quality wedding video!

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